Friday, February 29, 2008

Symphony Portfolio Activity

For my symphony activity, I chose to listen to the great symphonies. I did not actually have to do this, though, because I have heard a great deal of them before. I have been to the Colorado Symphony before, both with family and on school field trips, so I have a good idea of what symphonies sound like and how they are structured. I am also a musician; I play clarinet in Symphonic Band here at Arapahoe. This causes me to pick out small nuances when listening to symphonies, or any other kind of music for that matter, that non-musicians would miss.
This chapter presented me with a new perspective on symphonies. As many symphonies as I have heard in my life, I had never thought of them in this way. But now that I think about it, it is blatantly obvious. Each symphony has many separate movements that all combine to form it. Some are played forte, some piano, some andante, some allegro, yet they all come together to form a symphony. Now, when listening to symphonies, I have a new way to think of them!

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