Friday, February 29, 2008

Story Portfolio Activity

My story activity was writing a mini-saga. It was extremely hard to keep it 50 words or less, because when I write it tends to be long. But I tried:

Headphones in, bags at her feet, coffee cup in hand, she sat. And waited. For the plane that would take her away from this town, these people, this life. A new life. Halfway around the world. Scary but exhilarating. She was finally leaving.

This mini-saga clocked in at 43 words. I wrote it based on how someone who is tired of their current life and town goes away to different country halfway around the world. The idea came from a book I read once about a girl who gets in a huge fight with her twin sister and decides to go to England because she does not want to deal with her. Also, I have seen people in airports whom this story might fit, so the idea came from this as well. I tried to capture the uncertainty yet exhilaration that would come from this, because even though I have never personally experienced this, the book I read was so well-written that it gave me a great idea of how this would feel. Since a mini-saga is only 50 words, feeling must be created quickly and as potently as possible. It is slightly difficult, but fun as well!

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