Friday, February 29, 2008

Meaning Portfolio Activity

I "took a Sabbath" for my meaning activity. I did not do this during this unit; I did it on a trip to New Mexico to visit my aunt and grandpa. I did not do this in the traditional religious sense. Instead, I left my cell phone behind and refused to check my emails, causing my aunt to think I was slightly crazy! I did take my iPod, however, because of the extreme importance music has to me. I listen to it every day and it is simply a part of me. Because of this, I do not really count iPods as technology, although they technically are. I found it extremely refreshing to not be using technology and to be unreachable, if only for a few days. I felt a sense of freedom in simply being on vacation, surrounded by family, and eating great Mexican food, with no texting or emails. This allowed me to completely escape on vacation. It filled me with a sense of peace that I do not feel very often. It was also summer, meaning that I was relaxed as well.
My point is this: technology is an amazing aspect of life, but sometimes it is great to simply turn everything off, leave it behind, and escape.

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