Friday, February 29, 2008

Reflection on Daniel Pink's Question

I liked that Mr. Pink asked this question and wanted to hear from us. This really made it seem like he cares about what we think and wants to know our opinions.
The question was this:
If you had to create a new school -- or reform your current school -- so that it better develops the six senses, what one or two things would you do?
Here is the answer that I posted:
Mr. Pink, I agree with everyone who has said that open classrooms are best. If a room is open with many windows and light, then I find it much easier to think. When there are no windows and only artificial light, it isn't as comfortable for me because it restricts my thinking. Windows and natural light would also inspire creative thinking. I also think that if our school was more colorful, it would inspire more creativity and right-brain thinking. The white walls become a little monotonous after awhile, and color would definitely do some good.
I do believe that at Arapahoe, there is definitely too much white. The walls are simply this boring color, and there is room for improvement here. Color invokes creativity, and if students felt more creative while at school, this would most likely lead to an improvement in student grades and academic performance. Also, creativity leads to better work. In all subjects, it is beneficial to have creativity present because creative, interesting work is always better than dull, boring work. And, as I stated in my answer, white walls everywhere becomes extremely monotonous very quickly.
The artificial light is definitely a source of annoyance for me as well. Not only does it act as a vacuum for energy and natural resources, but natural light is better. I’ve found that it evokes a feeling of peace, which is a great anecdote to the stress in students’ lives. Since it is obviously impossible to have windows in every room, it would help to have solar-powered lights installed. Besides contributing a great deal more natural light, this would use considerably less energy. Thus, a side benefit: Arapahoe’s power bill would significantly decrease. So besides instilling a feeling of peace and calm, it would save money! It is a better solution for everyone, students and school district alike.

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