Friday, February 29, 2008

Brain Examination Reflections

According to this brain examination, I am a combination of perfect melancholy and peaceful phlegmatic. However, I find that I possess many more peaceful phlegmatic traits than perfect melancholy traits. A great deal of perfect melancholy traits do not embody me at all, some of which include moodiness, depression, low self-image, persecution complex, social insecurity, withdrawnness, and remoteness. These do not apply to me in the least. However, depth, thoughtfulness, seriousness, creativity, musicality, philosophy, poetry, self-sacrifice, detail-consciousness, list-making, compassion, and desire to stay in the background fit me perfectly. On the other hand, almost every trait in the description of peaceful phlegmatic is an exact match for my personality. Of course, a few traits did not describe me well, but most of them did.
I have concluded that since how we view ourselves is different from the way other people view us, if we asked a friend to take this test about us, the results would be different. They would most likely be different yet again if we asked a family member to complete the same task. The parts of ourselves that we present to different people and in different situations are dramatically different, so if different people took the test regarding one person, this person might very well end up with high scores from all four of the personality descriptions. Although this appears to be a valid and useful brain examination, the results could differ greatly based on the circumstances. However, it is safe to guess that the examination taken by a person based on how they view themselves is the most accurate concerning their true personality and how they truly are inside.

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