Friday, February 29, 2008

Empathy Portfolio Activity

After completing the chapter on empathy, I thought it would be interesting to take an online “empathy quotient” test. This proved very interesting indeed. I went to this website:
I was then asked to enter my gender. After this, I embarked on a 60-question test to test my empathy level. I had to rate every question either Definitely Agree, Slightly Agree, Slightly Disagree, and Definitely Disagree. The questions were clearly designed to test how in tune one is with other people, and how well one senses other peoples' feelings, emotions, and thoughts. From the start, I was expecting to receive a high score because I identify well with other people and am able to sense their feelings and emotions. It turned out that I was correct, because I received a score of 59. (The average score for women is 47.) This was an interesting, informative test that proved to me that I am empathetic. And after reading the chapter on empathy, I am glad that this is a skill which I already have sufficiently developed, because empathy will be key in the Conceptual Age!

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