Friday, February 29, 2008

Play Portfolio Activity

I decided to "step on the humor scale" for my play activity. My friends have always told me that I'm a wit. My sense of humor tends to be dry and a bit sarcastic. I have always understood jokes immediately: when I was in kindergarten, my teacher was amazed that I was the only one who was laughing when she cracked jokes because I understood them when no one else did!
I went to this website to take the test:
This test consisted of about 20 questions, all dealing with jokes and humor. The results were divided into four categories: Creativity & Performance (my score was 13), Coping (my score was 9), Facilitation (my score was 11), and Appreciation (my score was 15). This brought my total score to 48; the maximum score is 64. I learned from this test that I have a subtle and quiet wit, yet a sharp one. This is true because although I am not timid, I am not exactly the life of the party who constantly cracks jokes. I also learned that I sometimes use humor to cope with difficult situations, though not all of the time. This was true as well because I will use humor if I see it appropriate. However, some situations are much too serious and somber in which to use humor, and I know how to recognize this. My facilitation score told me that I will sometimes use humor to ease other people's discomfort, but only if the situation has some tension. This is true yet again. I scored extremely high on the appreciation part of this test, which tells me that I really appreciate humor, which I already knew. Basically, my results on this test were exactly what I expected and not surprising at all.

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