Friday, February 29, 2008

Reflections on the Sir Ken Robinson Video

This was an interesting and informative video. I liked Sir Ken’s sense of humor; the British have a somewhat quirky sense of humor that I like. I noticed that he inserted play into this video through his quips and jokes, so that it was a fun experience with both jokes and information. We weren’t simply sitting and watching a video filled with information. I also noticed that he and Pink agree on many points, including that we as students are not really being sufficiently prepared for the future. He had several great ideas about education, including that creativity is important in education, which I completely agree with. After all, without creativity from the teachers, the students will find it hard to be creative, which leads to boring learning and projects. And if the learning and assignments are boring, then the students will not remember what they are being taught easily.
He also talks about how education affects everyone and that everyone can trace their roots back to the education system. This is true! We spend roughly the first twenty-two years of our life in education. What we learn and the experiences we have in the education system will effect us for the rest of our lives. Basically, education shapes us as people. And sometimes I actually think that our education system is lacking. For most of my life, I have memorized facts and taken tests on these facts. The bulk of what I have done was merely for the grade. When reading this book and having blog discussions this hit me like a ton of bricks. I had never even thought about this before in my mechanical routine of going to school, doing homework, and memorizing facts simply for a grade. Maybe this is what our education system wants us to do…

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